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about bravery bakes

I love food. But more than the pleasure of eating good food, I love the sharing of food. For me, food brings us together in a way that nothing else does. Food is a palpable way to perceive love.

Bravery Bakes was born during one of my darkest times of depression. It became a tangible and fertile way to find my way back to what I love…baking. But more importantly, it got me out of bed. While I was creating something innovative out of my desolation, God was growing a business. Whatever you are battling with today, don’t let your darkness win.

I recognize and remember often that crushing feeling. You can’t fight any more. Beloved, you are a strong warrior and you will be victorious. I wish, more than anything, I could say it will be a quick, easy battle. But I believe in you, you are powerful.

Through this odd mix of baking and beating depression, I honestly hope that my recipes, my ramblings and my photographs will hearten and restore you.

I would love it if there were anything you would like to share with me.

Love, Caitlin


I won’t deny that I am a hopeful romantic because love hopes all things. So of course I love weddings.

I love being a part of it all from that first difficult to choose cake tasting, to the aesthetic discussions that help me to create perfect, unique, edible art, and then to the solemnity of when the now husband and wife cut through the beautiful, delicious cake and the following laughing, joyful smiles.

styled shoots

Styled shoots make me ridiculously happy, it’s something about the unlimited creative partnering with people who love what they do and how that fun and joy bounces off our original visual art. Please contact us to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind styled shoot.