styled shoots

Coffee Shop Elopement

Venue: Dear Maria
Florals: Fleur Dita 
Dress: Nupt Bridal
Make Up: Missy Makeup
Jewellery: tinsel Gallery
Photography: Lianri Malan Photography
Confectionary: Bravery Bakes

This was my first shoot and it was so special to do it with the amazing Lianri Malan. From the start we shared a wonderful creative synergy. Instinctively we chose the same colour pallet of moody reds, purples and mustards. Both of us loved the humorous, quirkiness of eloping to a coffee shop. To echo the theme I created a rich dark chocolate square cake with painted abstract florals on it adorned with some beautiful floral arrangements from Fleur. I was also inspired to create tile cookies with hand painted watercolour detail to echo the surrounds.

Black African Minimalism

Photography: Lianri Malan Photography
Venue: Lunikhy Game Farm
Styling: Bravery Bakes
Confectionary: Bravery Bakes

This was the second shoot we did – we wanted to contrast the harsh black tones with the dry, dead background of a Gauteng winter. The stunning venue of Lunikhy Game Farm, completed the look and feel of our shoot so well. For the confectionary, I made grey swirl macarons with a dark chocolate ganache, 3 cakes: the first, a smaller round one was attacked (lovingly) with black paint splatters and decorated with red flora. The second cake was inspired to play around with the shape of the cake and created a chocolate cake pyramid decorated with bold black paint strokes, edible gold leaf and an acacia thorn stem. The last cake was a personal one. I wanted to push the concept of creating edible art and putting some of my journey into my cakes. This cake is lovingly called ‘Half and Half’ as its half black and half white. The divide between the two is not a perfect line and atop I placed a single guinea fowl feather. One of the dangers of shooting on a game farm is the wildlife! While we were shooting some of the close-ups, a sneaky monkey was enjoying my baked delights just behind us!

Elegant Picnic
in the woods

Photography: Lianri Malan 
Bravery Bakes
Confectionary: Bravery Bakes


One of the things I have learnt about shoots is that it is very easy for it all to go horribly wrong. Lianri and I had worked together to develop this idea of a shoot that would contrast the richness of a green meadow with a crisp minimalism of décor. It was a wonderful idea until we arrived at the venue to find no green meadow, just a dead forest. We searched for hours, carrying this old school (very heavy) sewing machine table through the fields trying to find some green background that we could use, to no avail. Exhausted, we were ready to give up until we found this lonely wall that was just perfect. For the edible eats, I made a small round cake laced with a subtle lace texture. I made these cocoa nib meringues, and tiny glazed doughnuts.

Playful Tree Fest

Photography: Lianri Malan Photography
Styling: Bravery Bakes
Confectionary: Bravery Bakes

We wanted to contrast bright playful colours with a dead, burnt landscape, but when we arrived the burnt ground was too flat to be picked up in any photos that weren’t aerial. So we focussed on two deep purple barked blossom trees. I did my favourite puzzle piece shortbread and a wonderful strawberry ginger pie.


Salted Caramel Apple Pie Shoot

Photography: Kayleigh Murray
Digital Baking and hands: Bravery Bakes
Confectionary: Bravery Bakes

I am very blessed to know a few amazing photographers and one of them is Kayleigh Murray. She shot this entire shoot using a video camera and then picked stills from the final footage. This one was fun because I don’t get to do many shoots with the process photos from start to finish.        

0001_1A (14) copy

Styled Picnic Shoot

Dresses: Simoné Couture
Photography: Lianri Malan Photography
Concept, styling and patisserie: Bravery Bakes

I went rustic with this shoot creating the feel of a country picnic that a group of beautiful people just find waiting for them. I love the combination of the natural opulence and the pastoral charm.

For the patisserie side I made lemon cronuts, a Kransakake (traditional Scandinavian wedding cake), chocolate coated matcha shortbread and a pistachio/lemon batenburg cake.